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Any Rules about selling/trading non- starwars stuff

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Darth Kenobi:
I'm just curious if there are any rules on here which prohibits the selling/trading of non star wars stuff.  I just wanted to know before I go though and make a long post with a bunch of non SW items in it and having one of the mods deleting it.

Jango Fettish:
I think you're safe, D.K. This isn't Rebelscum.  :-X

You can't post non-SW items for sale/trade at RS?  Really?  Has that always been a rule?  Who knew?


--- Quote from: Morgbug on May 26, 2003, 10:55 PM ---You can't post non-SW items for sale/trade at RS?  Really?  Has that always been a rule?  Who knew?

--- End quote ---

They just started this rule last week Brent...  Caused quite an uproar over there!

Tom, you should be fine with listing whatever items you've got here, SW or not.  But hopefully you can mix a few SW items into your list too though!   8)

Thanks Matt, I was not aware.  Further, I had sold/traded LOTR and McFarlane stuff there previously.  This is quite surprising to me.  In a sense I can understand it, notably if McFarlane items (eg. sportspicks) were involved because of the distinct mentalities that would conflict.  SW being traded at fair retail value whereas ebay value dominates sportspicks.  

I must say I am dissappointed.  While I've become a little less interested in RS of late, it was still my first choice for trading.  I completed so many trades out of that board that it's kind of scary.  Most of you guys I met over there, so to see this is surprising.  Judging by the conversations over there, lots (most?) of people collect much more than just star wars.  Simpsons, LOTR, McFarlane, Marvel Legends are pretty universal for a whole lot of folks.  

Oh well, not for me to say.


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