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--- Quote from: Jediknight760071 on July 24, 2006, 03:16 AM ---You boast the greatest collection I have ever seen online or otherwise. That setup looks great. I've seen so many loose collections look like hell, but this one is just amazing.

Now tell frustrated do you get when one figure just randomly lands on your keyboard? ;)

--- End quote ---

Thanks!   It doesn't frustrate me at all, that's my girlfriend's desk - bless her heart.

A sneak preview clone trooper fell into a coffee mug once - I found the gun but didn't find the trooper until 3 days later, his arms and legs were completely brown.

--- Quote from: Morgbug on July 24, 2006, 01:32 AM ---Fair enough.  Same reason I'm selling off some of my stuff - too much space taken up and too much money going elsewhere.  I can't compete with the army building prowess you have, so I'm opting for small squads and that'll have to do. 

Again, just impressive.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Brent.   I've told myself that I'm participating in the great collector's challenge this year (without inhibiting my purchasing) to see what exactly I spend in a year.  My goal is going to be to reduce that number next year - and given the EU focus and some of the crap they showed at comic-con, it might not be too difficult to do.

Is it my understanding that you don't use stands? 

How do you sleep at night knowing that they could all fall over just like dominoes?


There are about 5 or 10 figures with stands - about 3 or 4 12" figures with stands.

Falls happen, but it's pretty rare thankfully.

Cool - I forgot to ask, but is that a complete loose set of vintage figures I see?

Close.  I'm missing:

A-Wing Pilot
Han and Carbonite
Luke (Star Wars)
Leia (Star Wars)
Artoo (Star Wars)
Artoo (POTF)
Stormtrooper Luke
Yak Face
Blue Snaggletooth
And the Max Rebo Band.

And I want to replace the Warok eventually, his bow is repro (which I'm not cool with) and his belly is all yellow, because he's one of the few remaining SW toys from when I was a kid.



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