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Photos of the collection... February 2020 Update

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Oooooo. Love seeing how this is coming together Rob. I love that you were able to make it a hangout space and not just some other room in the house. You'll get so much more enjoyment out of it that way.

It's always hard to tell with pictures, but looks like you got pretty fortunate with the placement of the recessed lighting as everything looks pretty well lit. Any plans to add additional lights?

Thanks Ryan!

We actually added the two lights that are over my desk when we renovated.  If I turn them all on it's nice and bright, one of them is on a dimmer.  No plans to expand on that for this place.  Too many other things we want to do over the next couple of years.  :)

Mister Skeezler:
Man, every time I scroll through this I catch something new. Such an amazing setup Rob!


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