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Photos of the collection... February 2020 Update

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I am both amazed and jealous. :P

That is a GREAT collection. I like how everything is organized by scenes, and how you blend in POTF2 stuff with more recent stuff.

Thanks guys!

--- Quote from: JayDouble on July 23, 2006, 11:12 PM ---Wow!  Good stuff Rob. 

How do you keep it so clean?

--- End quote ---

It's nearly impossible.  It looks pretty clean in the pictures because I just recently spent a large number of hours taking everything down, dusting it all, and re-assembling it.

3 weeks from now it will all be dusty again, and will probably collect dust until next year when I gather up the energy to do it all again.

I'm also going to shop around for some type of air purifier later this year to hopefully reduce the amount of dust in the room - but it's generally an uphill battle.


--- Quote from: Morgbug on July 23, 2006, 09:42 PM ---Proof to my wife that I'm not nearly so nutty as others.  Impressive Rob, most impressive.  A little narrow on the focus but we can't all be perfect.

--- End quote ---

There's tons of other stuff I want to collect - namely Kotobukiya and Gentle Giant - but don't for money reasons, and space reasons.  Someday though.

I've also stopped doing 12" since Sideshow aquired it.  Their product is amazing and makes the line a billion times better, but I can't justify $50.00 on a 12" figure that I'm going to open anyway.  Most of the ones I have I bought at shows for less than $10.00 a piece...

I'd also like to collect horror movie toys like I used to - but there just isn't a place for them...  :'(

Fair enough.  Same reason I'm selling off some of my stuff - too much space taken up and too much money going elsewhere.  I can't compete with the army building prowess you have, so I'm opting for small squads and that'll have to do. 

Again, just impressive.

You boast the greatest collection I have ever seen online or otherwise. That setup looks great. I've seen so many loose collections look like hell, but this one is just amazing.

Now tell frustrated do you get when one figure just randomly lands on your keyboard? ;)


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