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Jesse James:
I can't seem to find a feedback thread for my buddy Eric but I figure I'll make one for him. :)

I recently completed a sale with Eric for a couple older figures I needed and he came through for me on the cheap too.  Thanks Eric, and I appreciate it a ton man.

Jesse James:
Wow, E, you need to trade more! :)

Bought some figs off Eric and as always a pleasure to deal with.  Thanks bud! :)  They arrived super fast.

Jesse James:
Wow, long time bump here but efranks just hooked me up, for free, with some accessories I was after!  Thanks man, and I'm hoping I have something here soon that'll pay you back for this stuff!

Received a super quick payment from Eric for some things I wanted "rid" of.  Nice to chat with and a great guy.  Highly recommended!

Just finished a trade with Eric for some LEGO minifigs. Fast shipping and a great person to deal with. :)


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