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Hi there,

I asked this question over at RS, but I got no response. Why is this figure (see link) so expensive? How is it different from the other issues? Iím just wondering because this is the version that I have.

Rob :)

Didn't even know there was a .03 version.  I only knew of the .00, .01 and .03 versions.

Thomas Grey:
I think you meant to say; .0000, .0100 & .0400 Chris...
No biggie...

The .0300 variation has nothing really special about it. Each specific release coincided with a different wave of POTJ figures being released. Those figures appeared on the card backs, sort of like the 12 back or 20/21 backs of the vintage era. The .0300 Gungan Warrior just had a more limited production number and was not availible for too long before Hasbro decided to replace it with the multitude of .0400 Gungan Warriors. It was basically and still is basically more rare to find a .0300 carded Gungan Warrior. I wish it was due to a resculpt or paint difference or error of some sort, but it's just the # and action figures pictured and listed on the back that make it unique. And it's just something that happened quite a bit with different figures for POTJ. Some releases serial #'s are almost unknown due to their scarcity. I hope this helps and I'm sorry it isn't an exciting answer; but it is quite true.

Hi, thanks for the info :) , I wondered if it would only be a cardback change.  Oh well...

wow i never knew that existed.  I have to go home and check mine to see what I have.  Im not selling it but it would be nice to know.  Are there any more int he POTJ series that are like this?


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