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Darth Broem:
I forgot about this version.  I really wanted the clean version but settled for the common "dirty" one instead.  Since that was the only one I could find at retail.  Did you folks find these in good quantities in your area?  The "clean" one I mean.

I saw about 5 or 6 in my local specialist store around Christmas 2000. I picked up one (should have got two), and I never saw it in any store (retail or scalper) ever again. The dirty version was peg-warming for months after its release though; this is the one that Iíve still got carded  :( .

Early shipments were clean for us, later were dirty.  I grabbed a couple of clean, but traded one away, so I only have one remaining.  

I would like to have many clean versions (hint, troop builder set) for the shuttle diorama, but not too be.  Otherwise I just imagine the Emperor zapping all the scouts that couldn't be bothered to clean up for inspection.  Terrible mess he makes.  

Jesse James:
The clean one actually wasn't THAT difficult to find here...  It shipped a few times anyway, and I saw it in a few stores.  The dirty one was very easy to find though.  As easy to find as the Bespin Guard at one point actually.

I'm still disappointed with this figure, and hope they make a new one that's more poseable some day.  

If you're wanting an army of them (clean) and an army that arguably looks BETTER than the POTJ version, might I suggest buying up loose vintage ones, and give them your own (more detailed) paint job.

The vintage figure is surprisingly accurate in sculpt, and his pose is much more "neutral" and acheives the attention pose needed for an Emperor's arrival diorama.  They're relatively cheap too, especially if you find a few in a box that are in sort of beat up shape.  

The helmet's actually more properly scaled even, as the POTJ figure's helmet is a tad small.  I've seen some customs using the vintage figure that really REALLY look impressive.

Darth Broem:
Nah, I'm not that bothered by it.  I just thought the clean one looked a bit better than the dirty version.  I remember not being able to locate one.  Then again I don't think I did a massive search for it either.  Just a hole in the collection that kind of nags at me every once in awhile :)


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