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If JediDefender is serious about becoming a force to be reckoned with in the online collecting community, it needs a decent Toy Image Archive.

I know that starting one is a serious undertaking and can be a tedious, thankless job, but once it's up to date, the maintenance should be relatively trouble free. I see Chris currently has a portion of the JD site dedicated to an archive, although it's still "under construction."

I'm a Photoshop nut and can make the images look pretty. But someone else would have to provide the photography. Is there one among us who has the resources and initiative to spearhead such an endeavor?

We've been waiting for someone to mention this most obvious suggestion (and currently glaring ommission from our site) here...  You win the prize John!

Yeah, this is a definite must for JediDefender, and one that we've been discussing for a while now.  We're toying (pun intended) with several different layout ideas as we speak, but rest assured, we are working on it and hope to get some good images up in the not too distant future!   8)

We'll definitely keep you in mind John, and give you a holler if we are in need of your artistic and Photoshop adept talents!   ;)  Thanks for the offer...   :-*


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