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Found 3 old figures (1 POTJ, 1 ep1, 1 POTF2) at Wal Mart on clearance


I was shopping out of town today, and trying to find the Commemorative DVD repack boxes- yes, I know no one but me probably wants anything in those, but the ROTJ and ESB boxes would be pretty good deals for me, since I don't have any of the included figures. I didn't find them- they aren't anywhere in Wal Mart at all, no place I can find where they might've ever even sort of been- and no employees have a clue what I'm talking about when I ask, either.

Anyway, the point of my post is that I did stumble upon three figures in the clearance area, marked $1 apiece because they're 5+ years old. They are a Naboo Escape R2D2, an episode I Yoda, and a POTF2 Slave Leia. All on worn cards (no doubt from being thrown around/moved/who knows what over the years), but new, in-store.

I haven't opened any of these because I'm not sure of the rarity of these figures. If they're fairly common/easy to get, cool, I got them cheap and they'd make neat additions to my collection. However, if they're rare, I may want to trade or sell them. Has anyone got any advice on this?

All 3 figures were pretty common when they first came out. I would say open them or keep for your collection $1 is probably their value anyway unless there is someone in desperate need of one of them.

 I had found an Episode 1 Destroyer Droid and a Queen Amidala (red Gown) at a wal-mart that wasn't even built when the movie came out and they rang up full current price.

I bet it was weird seeing that old merch. in the stores again. As for rarity: they rate a -1 on the 0-10 scale. The only one that might be a novelty is the Yoda. Initial releases omited the "Episode I" Text above the figure bubble but a later revision added it. So there you have it.

Open them up I say  :P

My Yoda seems to be an older one, without the "Episode I" listing. The bubble was a little dented on top though.

I was a bit shocked when I saw these; it took a few seconds to really register what they were. I'd never looked in clearance before; these things must have there when I was 11!

I think I'll open the other two and double-check (probably eBay and Rebelscum) and see if Yoda's alternate card gives him any kind of special value. I'm not much of a carded collector (all my figures are loose but I tend to not throw away the cards/try not to shred them up too much opening them), so unless there's a lot of people looking for this, I think I'll open him, too.

I'm pretty happy with this find :) All main characters and figures I didn't have, dirt cheap. Can't beat that. Plus, I have a Yoda for every movie appearance now :) I feel as though I've caught up on him in some way.

Thank you for the responses and advice! On a side note, I seem to be around more often now than I was before I left... :-X


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