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Does Hasbro have a warranty??


I mean, I know these are just toys, but still.

The "Return to the point of purchase" thing doesn't apply mainly because most of the times the figure / vehicle you purchased is no longer availiable a few weeks after you bought it!

IMHO Hasbro should have some sort of way to get products of theirs that are OBVIOUSLY defective replaced somehow.

The recent "My Nexu is cracked" thread comes to mind.

Though I can imagine the logistics nightmare of it all...

Just a random thought, anybody else??

Scott :)

Yah I agree. after the saga collection with all those stupid sabers with the hilt that comes off. I think that hasbro should create a part of their site that you canorder pieces to any of the toys that they created.

Seems like they would get a lot of hassle from it... too many people could make claims about items they broke of their own fault, but...

I would be so happy if somehow Hasbro could offer to sell individual accessories in lots... kind of like the accesory sets but online exclusively. Maybe they could offer a limited selection to dealers and see if it works. I know it's never going to happen and I know it's not cost effective but imagine if there wetre a site you could go to and order Blastech rifles x50 at ten cents a piece or buy all of those accesories that comewith crappy figures and not have to get the figure....

Totally unrealistic, but man I would love to have a tiny rifle case full of rifles and a supply room for my troops and etc. etc.

Oh, and on a seperate not Hasbro will replace defective products if you contact them and you're lucky from what I've read. I can't be certain about that, but I thought it was true.


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