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chris solo:
This was a little something I started a few months ago at . The article ran its course and had alot of feedback I was thinking we can get the views of the JD members in this forum. This was my post in part:

Every time I bought a Star Wars action figure since the Power of the Force "Commtalk chips" came out in 1999, I looked on the back and saw "Jedi Master Points". This magical statement was written on top of the proof of purchase bar code until the end of the Episode 1 line, and was to hopefully signify good things to come.

Nothing happened.

Then came the Star Wars Saga/Episode 2 series and they changed the name on the proof of purchase to "Hasbro Points". Since then I have continued to wait patiently for good things to come.

Still waiting...

When I was a kid, collecting wasn't an issue. I would get my Kenner Star Wars action figures, rip them from their packages and send my handful of those proofs of purchase away for my free Admiral Ackbar, Nien Nunb or whatever the offer at the time happened to be.

Seeing the Jedi Master Points from Hasbro had me feeling like that little kid again, but with a twist. This time I had money. I would buy one for a keepsake, another to have loose and send the proofs of purchase in for Hasbro's big deal.

But lately, my enthusiasm has started to fade. I e-mailed their customer service department last weekend, writing:

"Hello, I require information on Hasbro 'Jedi Master Points' relating to all Star Wars products. Myself, all others in my group and those on other web sites are wanting information on when these points will be activated for something.

I don't necessarily want to keep all my packages or cut them up for a "someday maybe" moment that might never happen. I do have a million of these things and would deeply like to use them for something.

I live in Canada and would have liked to see them used for the 25th Silver Anniversary R2-D2. Then I could have picked one up without spending $10.00 USD from an eBay scalper + shipping + handling + customs and taxes. In comic shops up here in Quebec, they are selling for as much as $80.00 Canadian. For a supposedly free item there are people selling these on ebay by the box!

I would appreciate some news as soon as possible so I can have some information to write on a couple of web sites on April 4th. I do love the toys and Hasbro makes a quality product, but if there isn't going to be a use for Hasbro points are you going to stop making them? "

I would like to hear everyone's opinion regarding this subject. State why you feel we deserve something and what you feel the points should be used for. At the bottom of your reply write in the total number of points you've accumulated.

chris solo:
Why I feel we deserve something:

I feel we deserve something because they made these points so use them. If they don't then I believe it is false advertising by generating sales on peoples expectations. Since they started making points I don't recall them being used. A child could grow up and lose interest in keeping the points before Hasbro will do something.

What I feel the points should be used for:
Turn the machines back on and make some more 25th Silver Anniversary R2-D2s I need one loose now. While they're at it put the legs on the right way and change the cardback to look similar to the origional POTF. Charge me whatever for shipping to Canada being a loyal Canadian customer. I think if you are going to sell Hasbro in Canada then have the anniversary gifts here too.

Total number of points I have:720

I agree.

The only other toy line I collect (The Simpsons line by Playmates) has mail away offers all the time.

I've been a loyal collector of Star Wars items from both Hasbro and Kenner since the mid 90's, saving my points...hoping for that offer to FINALLY show up on the back of the package, or at the website so that I could use them.

Instead, every year....I'm left with the same announcement.  "Hold on to those points, we have something special planned".  They said this on the official site a month or two ago.  A Hasbro representative said the same thing last year at Celebration 2. I'm told the same statement was made at Celebration 1, though I wasn't there to witness that one.

Why is Hasbro ignoring those collectors that open their figures and save those points?

How about you guys bite the bullet and put a few offers out there. Sure, there are those of us that have more than enough points for anything you'd offer up.....(and rightfully so) but think of all the new business you could drum up from new collectors, or those folks that DON'T save their packaging.

I really hope to see an announcement soon....this time, with a date and specific offer details attached.

Snively Bandar:
This issue is starting to drive me somewhat batty.  Hasbro should just come out and say they're freaking worthless!  End of story.

But instead, about once every 9 months or so, just to quell the uprisings, they blabber on about finally having something in the works, and that we should be hearing something more official pretty soon.  This was again the case just a few months ago.  It's really getting rather stupid, and I'd imagine ebarrassing for Hasbro.  Just a case of Never Cry Wolf.  I don't believe a word anyone says about these Jedi Master Points anymore, since I've heard the same boring old story from them about 7 times now regarding something happening "soon".  Whatever Hasbro.   ::)

Darth Broem:
There should be a promotion simply for fan appreciation.  Plus, we have not had a Points giveaway promotion for several years now.  It's just the right thing for Hasbro to do.  

As far as what is offered that's trickier.  I personally like to receive an action figure in the mail.  I'm not really up on getting a vehicle.  I think it needs to be an action figure.  How about something like Biggs Darklighter Academy outfit?  I would just like it to be something special and unique whatever it is.  


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