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Just thought I'd start a thread to discuss the Playskool line, sorry if it is already posted elsewhere...I'm new here :).  Personally, I really like this line.  I currently only have the Falcon and Hoth sets, but would like to eventually pick up the rest of the OT sets.  I think they are great for kids (although we don't have any yet, I'll save these for the future), but I'll have to admit I enjoy them quite a bit too.  They are just "fun", kind of how the vintage line was for me when I was a kid.  I especially enjoy the Falcon set.  I don't have room to display them, so it reminded me of my childhood having to put all of the figures in the back of the falcon...just like the old days :).  I really hope this line continues, even if it is limited...because it seems to be pretty popular.  What are your opinions on the line, or ideas for sets you think could be made?

These are great.  I have four sets, Falcon, X-wing, Wampa, Forest.  So far steered away from the non-OT sets, though that may change.  

I can tell you these are great for kids.  They're blocky enough to handle and quite tough as well, so good design. They look great and are seemingly appealing.  My daughter is three and finds these more appealing than the 3 3/4 figs I've let her have.  She really likes the Wampa set and especially the tauntaun.  She also seems to like the X-wing, which nicely holds the Luke with the saber turned (though it doesn't close perfectly).  

I hope to see more, but again, would like to see Canadian distribution.  I managed to trade for all of these, but the Falcon cost me a pretty penny due to size for shipping.  

Mandalorian Madman:
yah, I  have all of them so far except the falcon. they are for my daughter (really they are). I think so far the speeder bike and bker scout or taun taun is my favorite (I dig han) but as soon as a boba fett and slave 1 comes our way I may have to 'hold' it for her. I like them and she seems to like chewing on them and trying to stick them in drinking glasses. generally refreshing to see something used for what it was meant for (i.e. to be played with) and like mosnab said, these are very blocky and rugged, good for little hands, etc. I think a sandcrawler with jawas and droids would be cool, or a tusken raider and bantha, or even a shuttle and emperor (and of course fett).

Hung Solow:
I have them all.  It's really the onnly new SW line that I collect.  They are really cool.  My son loves them.  I just hope he doesn't totally destroy them.

Mikey D:
Adam (BigDumbWookiee) sold me the Naboo, Hoth and Endor sets for cheap ($15 total) and I went out and bought the arena set.  I'm still missing the Falcon and Xwing sets.  Due to Adam's generous pricing, I figured "What the hell, I'll buy them for my kids.  I don't have any now, but when I do, these will probably be no longer available in the stores."  I told the wife this and she just rolled her eyes.  She even went around her work and told her co-workers that I was buying toys for kids I don't even have yet.  I did find out from one of the co-workers that the wife thinks these are cool toys.


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