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For those of you who collected the older (original) Galactic Heroes line, did you keep the display/backdrops that came with the larger, multi figure (or vehicle) sets? I know some, like the Cantina, are sort of made to be little playsets - and are pretty neat. Our daughter has gotten past the age of playing with these, and I long ago stopped having room to display them. As much as I'd hate to get rid of them, they really are a space hog and difficult to store. I was cleaning up our garage a bit today and found these (and oh so many Funko boxes), and just thought to myself why am I keeping these just to make a mess in the garage? Did anyone else keep these, or did you ditch them long ago?

Not sure what the market is like these days, but I sold all of those boxed sets you describe for a significant amount of cash on eBay about four years ago.  Not sure if the figures plus environment might also fetch a decent amount.

I was bummed my kids never got in to the Galactic Heroes stuff...

So I guess the Playskool Heroes/Galactic Hero line is getting a name change...  now being called Star Wars: Mission Fleet. 

Looks like the same 2.5" articulated figures they have been doing for the last few years, but with a new brand name, I guess.


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