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I only have 2 sets. The Falcon & the X-Wing. They are very cool.
I have a Prototype First Shot Stormtrooper from the Falcon set. I have a picture of it posted in the Collections section of the forum.
Proof's, Prototype & Flat Boxes.

Boba Binks:
Yeah I picked these up.
Here is how I have them on display.

After ignoring this "cute" little line since it's inception because my SW collecting (and budget) is already stretched pretty thin with the rest of the sub-lines I collect, I think I've finally decided that I'm going to go after the Original Trilogy sets from this line after all.  Anyone know approximately what they retail for?  I think there's still a few of them floating around my local KB's so maybe I'll get lucky.  I'm sure the Falcon will be a bit tougher though.  Should've bought it the few times I saw it before.  Oh well...   :-\

I'm still a little curious to see what's in store for the future of this line, considering the recent poll that Hasbro ran on it.  Sounded a lot like they were going to start issuing individual (or 2-packs of) carded figures...

Mikey D:
Matt, the Falcon is around $30, the X-wing should be $15 and the Endor and Hoth sets should be around $8.  And KB is the only place I've seen these.

And if its not too much trouble, I'm in need of an Xwing set if you find an extra one.  My area ran out of them a long time ago.  I will of course pay you cost, tax and shipping.  Thanks.


I have most of them, but I can't remember which ones I don't have.  They're the smaller sets for sure though.  I think this is a great line.  I wasn't too thrilled with it when I first saw them, but my wife bought me the Falcon and I started liking them a lot.


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