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Overstepping my bounds? RS.


Let it go people.  You know who I'm talking to in general.  

If you like it here, cool, excellent, super.  You don't like what goes on at RS, stop going there. ::)

You don't see the problem with comparing moderators to people that killed 6 million Jews, get your head checked.  That or simply grow up. >:(  It is not, nor will it ever be a valid comparison.

You are making it difficult here and frankly, IMNSHO are doing your best to drag this place down too and that pi__es me off.  I rather like the lack of juvenile behaviour over here.  

To Chris and the admins here, keep up the good work.  If this post is not suitable, please feel free to delete it.  I won't be bothered in the least.

Brent, I appreciate you venting your thoughts about our recent "bashing posts". It is really good to see that the members of our community understand our decisions and give us their full cooperation. Please know that we are dealing with the situation and that things should clear up very soon. I thank you for your support. This thread is getting closed down to prevent any potential arguments. Please feel free to discuss this with me further in and e-mail or PM. Thanks again!


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