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Lightsaber pens?


Anyone have these, from cereal last summer?  Five released I believe, Mace, Luke, Vader, Dooku and Anakin.  

My daughter has taken a real shine to these mini flashlights.  I might be needing some replacements so this is an underhanded way of finding out who has them ;)  I like them quite a bit.  Pretty cool cereal promo.  

Anyone know if the batteries can be replaced?  

I have all 5 pens opened but sorry, no dups of any of them. I traded away the few I had back when the promo was still going on.

No clue if the batteries could be replaced. I would think so, but unsure if it would mean damaging the pen to open it up to get to the battery.

I snagged 2 or 3 of them with some cereal last year - don't totally recall now which ones they were, aside from at least a Mace one for sure.  Of course, it's been eating away at me ever since, knowing that I don't ::nervous twitch:: have the complete set ::nervous twitch:: of them.  I just haven't quite gotten around to pursuing the missing ones yet, especially since I have no idea which they were now...

Pretty cool little gadgets they are, though I have no recollection if you can change their batteries or not.  It would be seriously stupid if you couldn't though...   ::)

Well, I'm really hoping you can.  the last I saw of the base of my Mace pen was with my daughter yesterday.  She took the base off and was using it as a flashlight.  I haven't seen it in about 30 hours and I seriously doubt she turned it off before letting it fall where it is now (I have no idea where that might be). :-\


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