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If you're looking for the P versions, check out the Ft Collins Target...I think they had KOTOR II for $20 last time I was could also pick up the Lucasarts Best of the PC set.

Been a while since I had an update for this thread, but I finally was able to unlock Jedi powers in Mira the bounty hunter.

When you talk to her about life on Nar Shadda select the options about all life being connected.  If you have enough influence, she will say that she's interested in learning more and you can offer to teach her sometime.  You have to go back to Nar Shadda where Kreia showed you how to listen to Nar Shadda.  Mira will also open up to the force there and she can be trained in the force.

If you are having trouble getting influence with her, try talking to Atton and he will mention how you have been spending time with her....I think that will help unlock the correct conversation choices, similar to talking to Kreia about the Handmaiden's mother.

Long time no update, but I started playing this game again after a bit of a break and I was determined to make Bao Dur a Jedi.  I unlocked his Jedi potential and here's how I did it:

I'm playing as a light side Jedi, so having him with me while I did some kind acts on Nar Shadda helped me gain influence with him.  Also, I had him help me rebuild the air speeder on Nar Shadda and I had him fix the turrets as well as the medical and assault droids in Khoonda.  After that, when I talked to him, he talked about how he was ready to put Malachor V behind him or some such dialog and I told him there was nothing to forgive, he was following orders, etc.  And ta Jedi!

Also, I started this game out saying that Revan returned to the Sith.  I think that will let me view the message in the Sith Holocron on Korriban when I blow up the door.  One other side effect of this is that Carth is not the Republic Admiral at the beginning of the game, but Mical did send a message to Carth on Dantooine when he returns to Khoonda.  I also heard that there's a message hidden in T3, so I'm working on my repair skills more this time around to unlock it.

Theta 288:
Cool!  Matt,  PC ?
I wonder if one can make CD backup of the mods forever in case the links goes dead or the site dissapear forever. Thata happened to some nice Mods for RC I think  :-[

In my own latest playthroughs of KOTOR 2 I was able to turn everyone I could into Jedi.


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