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I Am Sith:

--- Quote from: EdSolo on January 11, 2008, 07:13 AM ---It appears it will be manufactured by eFX and distributed by Hasbro.  It makes me wonder if all the FX sabers showing up at TRU was a kind of test run to see if Hasbro wanted the license.

--- End quote ---

Honestly, I tend to think that it was because Master Replicas wanted to get rid of all their inventory before the end of 2007, but I think that Hasbro's reps could see how well they were selling when they were in the stores.

I really hope that they will drop the price on these a bit, but I have to think that they will either be the same price or higher since this is a new 'venture' for both of these companies.  Maybe after they get into a routine with these they will be able to offer them at a more reasonable price, but for now I'm not getting my hopes up too high.

I wasn't thrilled to hear hasbro got the license for these, but if they keep the quality the MR had with the FX sabers, I'll give them a good long look.  Especially if they do a TPM Obi-Wan saber.

I'm happy to hear these will be continuing, and hopefully Hasbro can keep up the same level of quality that we saw from MR.  Now if we could get them even cheaper, even better.  I have two (both as gifts), Obi-Wan (ROTS) and Vader.  I always wanted to get a Luke, but never had the money really when they were available - hopefully this will give me my chance.  If they get cheap enough, hopefully I can get even more of them.

I'm torn on this.  My mood right now isn't very pro-Hasbro, so it's not really fair of me to suggest they can't pull it off.  I'm not that keen on them having it for biased reasons. 

I don't know if they can reduce the price much, maybe down to $99 or so, but not that much further I can't imagine.  I expect production may go up but I worry that any reduction in price might be because they are re-releasing older versions.  I don't mind replacing a $5-10 figure with a better one, but a $100-150 lightsaber?  Probably not. 

I have five right now and the only two I'm considering are Yoda's, because of the size and the blue Obi saber that seems to be more similar to the ANH version (is it?).  I have one of each color as that was my original intent (sorry, one of each color plus Mauls dual blade) so I don't think I want more.  But I wouldn't mind swapping my blue Anakin for the Obi because of the different style of hilt and Anakin's hilt is very similar to Vader's.  Go figure.

I Am Sith:
So per the main page:

Hasbro Force FX Lightsabers Revealed

I'm a little surprised that they would release yet another Luke and Vader saber as their first offerings.  I was hoping that they would have done something new.


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