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Fox is already exclusive to Blu-ray, and it is winning the HD format wars.  Infact, it already won since Toshiba said they're not continuing the HD-DVD drives after April.

When Star Wars is released, they should sell all in them in a Saga pack.  We may need to wait until 2012 for the 35th aniversary editions of the movies, completely remaster with the original versions of the OT too.

Anyways, do you want Star Wars on Blu-ray?

The digital bits is confirming a comment from Steve Sansweet that a 6 film Blu Ray set is in the works.

There's a rumor that it still won't be until October of 2011.


Sansweet confirms Blu-Ray Saga at C2E2

I like they're marketing scheme - well not really, but I just wonder how many more times I'll have to buy these movies.

I won't call it the Ultimate Set because we keep finding stuff

How can they keep finding stuff after all these years  ???


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