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Mister Skeezler:
How do you post a link as just a word rather than the entire URL?

Use the handy dandy YABBC tag when you reply. When you do, you'll get something like this:

[ url=]URLText[/url ]

Just replace the default url ("") with the address you want (I'll use "" for brevity):

[ url=]URLText[/url ]

Then replace the URL Text tag with whatever you like (in this case I'll just use "CNN").

[ url=]CNN[/url ]

Hit "Preview" to see if it works. If so you should see a link like this:


Try it.  :D

Mister Skeezler:
Our President

Mister Skeezler:
Sweet! Thanks PL! :D

C'mon John!  You're making our job too easy here!   :-*

I think now that you've so eloquently answered Ed's question, I'm going to stick this topic over in the Feedback and Suggestions Forum, for everyone's future reference on the topic!  It will reside right next to it's good buddy, Adding Photos.   8)

Thanks again for the assist MPL!  You lookin' for some work?   ;)


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