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New Cantina figures PLEASE!!

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Holy cow...


Did someone say cow?!   ;D

Our cantina scene could use a little updating too!  I am not sure, though, which ones I would prefer!  


--- Quote from: carebear on August 22, 2003, 10:33 PM ---Our cantina scene could use a little updating too!
--- End quote ---

It could?  

Sure - Throw a couple more diarama's up and get some more fig's and make it a huge party!

Nice choices on the recently announced Cantina Wave, Hasbro.  Here are 10 others that are good choices:

Baniss Keeg - Duros.  This one can be something of a kitbash, since Hasbro has already produced Ellors Madak, a similar looking Duros.

Bom Vimdim

Hem Dazon - Arcona.   This one is important to a lot of collectors.  It's one of the most distinctive aliens in the Cantina, especially since this is the first alien we see in the famous Mos Eisly Cantina scene.

Dice Ibegon.  Once again, this is one of the most visually distinctive aliens in the Cantina.

Hrchek Kal Fas - Saurin.  This is a character that is somewhat reminiscent of Bossk.  Once again, this is a character that can probably be made from kitbashed parts.

M'iiyoom Onith


Trinto Duaba


Danz Borin


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