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Weapon Identifing Section


I'm also a memeber on  I've been using their weapons identity section alot to be able to complete my figures.  It basically has pics of all the weapons and says who they came with when you click on them.

I think this would be greatly usefull,especially for Vintage figs(hint, hint), but would probably take a "butt-load" of time to do.....  

Here's a link to thier version of it at



Thomas Grey:
thanks for the suggestion Lemon_Viper. I also feel the same, but we are still working on some final things to get our image banks posted. I am also thinking of doing some nice line renderings for each weapon and then the difference from the original versus the reproductions. I have also noticed, that while a lot of figures wield the same weapons, they are at times different in the color. Being specific with who came with a gray blaster and a blue/black blaster would also make things more genuine.

Along with, I would also suggest these as being good resources...

the first link is b&w line art with identifications for each weapon. The second is a full color image page with numbers that refer to the b&w page of the actual weapons and their color variations. Hope this helps out until we can be the site with the best one...

Same as above, but listed on on one page.

Vintage Star Wars Guide for Weapons

Thanks guys.  Those will do perfect!



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