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"Clone Wars" toy forum: Why?


It struck me that the "Saga" line hasn't really been replaced, merely upgraded. The packaging might sport different graphics, but it's still a unified "Saga" line, if not in name (although it's never said "Saga" on the branding).

I'm thinking the Clone Wars forum should be merged into the existing Saga forum. After all, the POTF2 line had figures from the OT as well as "Expanded Universe." Why should Clone Wars get special treatment?

Angry Ewok:
I think we decided to keep these seperate until the newest line came about, then once Saga became an old line we'd merge them together.

I dont speak for the guys, but I like them split because they are different lines, to me. Alot of people arent into the whole Clone Wars thing, so especially to those people, this CW line is seperate from Saga.

Well, we went back and forth on whether we should segregate the CW line from the Saga line John.  But I think we ultimately decided to keep them in two separate forums for a couple reasons:

1)  These are definitely going to be two very different lines - in packaging, name, product, and consumer base.  The CW line will likely not be nearly as popular as the standard Saga line, if for no other reason than a lot of people don't buy into the whole "EU" thing, especially when it's got such bizarre looking figures like Frito-Bandito Yoda and friends.  For that reason, I think many of our members might prefer to keep some of the less interesting CW conversation in a separate area, so as not to muddle down the more interesting Saga discussion...

2)  We also looked into how long in duration the CW line might be running, and the early indications we saw were that it would continue on (separately from Saga) for quite a while, possibly even almost up to the Ep. 3 release...  For that reason, and due to the already large amount of CW product, the line seemed to stand on it's own - much moreso than the earlier SOTE or (brief) EU line from POTF2.

So that's pretty much where our decision came from.  Of course, we're always open to discussion on the matter...   ;)

If it's EU product you're worried about, then there should be an EU Toys section dedicated to ALL such topics. This would be the ideal place to discuss everything from Shadows of the Empire and POTF2-era Expanded Universe figures and vehicles to Star Tours and the upcoming Concept Stormtrooper, as well as Clone Wars. (Maybe exclusives like Silver Artoo and Clone Trooper?)

I'd still like to see Clone Wars discussion intergrated into the Saga forum since there's so much arbitrary crossover already. The Clone Troopers and Battle Droids figures are as relevant to Saga collectors as they are to Clone Wars fans. Same with the Hailfire Droid and AAT. In fact, there are already a couple lengthy threads discussing EU product in the Saga forum:

Clone 3-pk ...does it suffice?

Star Tours wave 3...

I think you've got to either include ALL EU in one forum - if that's the reason for segregation at all - or collectors will just have to learn to live with the EU "undesirables."

(Can't we all just get along?)

It's not just that it's an EU line, it's an EU line that is being specifically marketed as a separate toy line from the Saga line by Hasbro - one that is supposedly going to be running for quite a while.

If the SOTE line had been more than just 5 figures and a Swoop Bike, it might've warranted it's own separate standing as well, but it was a shortlived subset of the POTF2 line as it turned out, much like the other EU figures that followed later on.

The Star Tours line has actually appeared on POTJ cards for waves 1 & 2, and now the Saga cards for wave 3, so as such, their discussion is included in those respective forums where people would most expect to find them, regardless of the fact that they are technically EU.  As you know, the POTJ Zutton is technically EU, being from the Holiday Special, but that doesn't mean that it would be worth the time to place it in a separate forum for it's inherent discussion though.  It's on a POTJ card, so that's where it goes.

BUT, yes, there are definitely a couple of Clone Wars products that very much have crossover potential into the AOTC movie for collectors, including some of the Droid and Clonetrooper 3-packs.  I've been contemplating moving that Clonetrooper 3-pack thread for quite a while, but have been letting it slide against my better judgement, due to it's crossover potential for collectors, but you're right - that one does belong in the Clone Wars forum, as that's the line that it's being issued in...

But it really just boils down to the fact that Clone Wars line is being (and will continue to be for some time) produced and marketed as a completely separate entity by Hasbro, with a corresponding multi-media venture to go along with it, by Lucasfilm and several of it's licensees.  Sure it's EU, but it's an EU of a whole different beast...   ;)


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