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I hate to be "that guy" but I feel it's come time to point out just how... lacking the front page news has been. I know the site has been having to deal with certain things like Jeff's departure but I think that the site could post at least a few updates a week. Other than prototype images and Q&A's being posted every few weeks , there's really nothing.

I think there are plenty of newsworthy items regarding non Hasbro lines that could be posted on the homepage, info on local cons taking place, not to mention interesting articles from the official SW site (they happen once a year but yeah). If we need to stoop really low we could even post updates from sponsors.

I don't know, I feel JD could offer a lot more than it is... if you guys need help, I (and I'm sure a bunch of other forum members) would be willing to give a hand.

Jesse James:
Unfortunately, you can't just pick up anyone who says they'll help on staff...  and honestly at this point most of the staff isn't "in it" like they used to be, if they're even still on staff.  Jeff basically did 99% of the work here, and I did the other 1%...  Ultimately we are focused now more on JD's forums and community, as that's what's always been more important to us here on staff.  Jeff's retirement from JD obviously meant a big decline in basically anything news on the front page.

I personally don't have the desire to keep up with the mundane day-to-day news postings that every site puts out on their front page, and obviously neither do the other staffers...  After umpteen years of doing a job you don't get anything out of, you basically grow tired of it.

I wouldn't count on a big JD hiring blitz to beef up the front page.  Our forums are important, and anything I decide to work at gets posted, but really I don't have the time nor inclination to work at anything else beyond what I do...  The Q&A's are even hard for me to stay on top of and usually only get posted because of help from Ryan or Scott lending me a hand.  My life just happened to take a change the same time Jeff's did, which wasn't good for JD at all.

We're still here, but honestly I get all the news I read off our forums anyway, even from other sites.  We're considering changing JD's format and things, and there's some discussion going on, but it's pretty slow-going. 

Basically I'm just saying don't count on us bringing anyone new on, and don't count on the front page changing.  There just isn't anyone with the heart to do it anymore.  I love collecting, but I don't love the thought of doing what Jeff did before his departure, as that's just a chore to me.  :-\  Sorry guys! 

Q&A's still going though, and I find it funny that we still have managed scoops without having the daily stuff up on our front page.  Not all sites can say the same about that. ;)

Wait...JD has a front page??!?!?  ??? ??? ???

Now is the perfect time for the return of Jango's Jargon.

Yeah Jesse I understand what the site and staff are going through. Like I said, I didn't want to come off as an ******* I just wanted to know if there were any upcoming plans to keep the site "up to date". Oh, I'm not expecting a hiring spree either. I'd honestly rather keep the same mods/staff than keep adding new 06'ers like certain other sites.


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