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Thanks Ryan!  You know you're always welcome.  I never realized how much stuff I had until I tried to display it.  There's still plenty of carded figures (complete POTJ and EP 1, Hasbro 12" figs and more) in rubbermaid bins!   :(

Pretty much all the shelves (I love those bracketless shelves) and the display shelves and tables came from Lowes.  The Hangar table is actually two TV tables put back to back and fastened together.  None of it was all that difficult.   :D

Amazing stuff Matt.  If I may ask, how much space do you have to display all this stuff?

Thanks Brent.  The main room (my office) is about 14'x12' give or take.  I've never actually measured the room, and it's a little different from the standard floor plan of this model of home to accommodate a sauna.

It's definitely a good sized room, but also shocking is the amount of stuff I could not display.  I was going to cover the walls with carded figures, but had to abandon that idea when I ran out of wall space!

I'm happy with the overall design I have....I'm sure I'll be tweaking it forever and updating figure displays n such.   :D


--- Quote from: Matt_Fury on April  5, 2009, 12:26 AM ---I'm sure I'll be tweaking it forever and updating figure displays n such.   :D

--- End quote ---

Too true.  ;)

love the luke in the bacta tank


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