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My Collection Updated Dec 2020

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New house with a new collection room.  The plus is that I can now fit all of my displays in one room.  All the photos are updated on Page 1

Wow, great pics!  You've got a lot of stuff in there, but it's all nicely displayed to enjoy. 

Thanks Jesse!  I was glad to get the "entire collection" in one room.  (There are a bunch of carded figures and some other items in Rubbermaid bins in a storage area).

I also had to have room to use it as a functional office!

Jesse James:
Yeah it looks good Matt...  nicely displayed, not cluttered.  Hard to find that balance.  :-[

Hey everyone.

Since I can't find a good way to host images.  I had a little fun with iMovie and made a video tour of my home office/Star Wars toy & prop museum and arcade!



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