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Very cool displays, Matt!

Deleted photos in latest update.

Cool display Matt!  I really like the way you've got the mid-size ships arranged.  That black table in the middle of the room with alliance ships and figures looks sweet too.  Thanks for sharing!

Thanks J!  I like the looks of the Jedi Starfighters in those storage shelves as well.  I wish I had some room for more.  I may move the two Slave Ones and hang them on a wall somewhere and put my vintage Vader's TIE and Snowspeeder in there.

I like how the "Rebel Hangar" looks too.  I've added to it with more pilots as they come out and upgraded the Ben Kenobi in the Falcon so he's sitting in the jump seat watching Luke practice.  I also put a Luke and New Ben in the back seats of the cockpit, until I can get a Hoth Leia that can sit and a good ESB Han!

Awesome set up Matt. It looks so much better than the giant rubbermaid tubs I last saw most of it in. ;)

I really like the Rebel Hangar/table set-up you've got. I'd love to be able to set mine up in a similar fashion, but since my collection room also happens to be a bed room, so I don't have space in the middle of the room to do so.

I'll need to swing buy and check it out in person in the near future.


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