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Thread title says it all.  Consider this the "suggestion box" for JediDefender. 

If you have something you'd like to see added (or subtracted) from the site, please let us know and we will investigate any and all options on the topic.  There is no guarantee any action will be taken on your suggestion, but it never hurts to put ideas out there for us to investigate.

Don't want to broadcast your idea in public for fear of backlash?  Then just send me your idea via email and we'll keep it private! 

Thanks for reading!

Jeff, it's nice to see someone as passionate about the hobby and all around good-guy taking something like this on.

As one suggestion, I thought that the customzing Chop Shop that Jesse started back in late 2006 was going to be fun, but there only ended up being four updates, the last being almost two years ago.  I think that some sort of spotlight like this would be a nice thing to see on a semi-regular basis again.

Also, Jeff I thought the past front page updates you did were great.  I think going back to what you've always been doing will be a great benefit for both JD and its readers.

I guess I'm actually curious if this will have any impact on the future of the Pit? 

Anyways, congratulations Jeff and Paul, best of luck to you in the endeavor.  I am sure you will do a fantastic job.

The return of the front page news will be fantastic if the reporting is anywhere close to what we see on sites like Han's Hideout.  More contests are always a plus as well!

I'd love to have some kind of comrehensive photo archive or even just a reference to tell me which figs are new vs. repacks or if something is a kitbash, where did the parts come from. 

One thing that always comes to mind when I think about JD is the loyal Kubrick following.  I'm wondering if there is someway to make this more ownable and regularly featured.  I love the checklist/guide that Jesse built.

I'd like to see a section titled something like "Here's how it works" from Jeff.  I read a lot of posts/debates/complaints on here about why there is a Legends line or why certain figures are made or shy they don't have better articulation/accessories/etc.  Jeff usually has some pretty good insight on most of these that I think some of us may not have thought about.  Some kind of weekly column/insight/rant from Jeff would be both fun and enlightening.

That's it for now - looking forward to whatever you guys come up with because I know it will be good!

Until recently JD was my main/only outlet for SW related news.  As the news coverage understably evaporated, I have found myself less invested, staying largely within the geographic collecting board. 

Regular updates will definitely be a welcome addition, as would the column suggested by Justin - deciphering the action figure business.  Jeff always makes a lot of sense to me.

JD's checklists have been awesome references, and I hope those can be updated regularly.  A place for tracking case assortments would also be nice - would be a nice complement for the DPCI thread. 

While this is a site focused largely on the collecting, opening up the news to other SW-related developments would be great as well. 

I'm not sure how customizing contest may have worked in the past. So let me make some suggestions.

Each wave, pick a figure and run a custom contest based on that figure. The contest runs for two months (the now usual time between waves).
Each wave gets it's own contest. Customizers can pick any figure from the announced wave to custom. The base body must be used (though can be slightly altered and repainted). Limbs/Head can be switched out or customed as much as the customizer wants. The contest runs for two months (the now usual time between waves).
Theme custom challenge. From a new wave, a figure is to be customed to reflect a character you might see from a preselected source. For example one of the specific movies, Animated shows, video games. To further give an example, let's use the new Hoth wave. The challenge would then be to take one of those figures and customize it to one of the other movies.  Let's say the choice would be ROTS. One example of a custom would be to take the Needa figure and make him a ROTS officer. Or maybe Leia into a Padme fig.

It's up to you what the winner would receive. at the least, I'd say a new figure of the one they customized so the have a replacement for the one the "chopped up."


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