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Mobile Jedidefender?


As of late, I use my blackberry more and more to go online and post on my regular forums but sadly I can't here at Jedidefender. I am not sure if its something you guys can fix on your end or if its my phone (all other sites come up as they would on a computer though). It woul dbe great if this could be addressed.  ;D

Jesse James:
I think I can access JD on my blackberry.   ???  I can't do much else it seems (me, not the machine), but I can access JD with it.

Jeff: works on my iPod Touch and my pal's blackberry as well (we tested it out at work today).  If you could send me a PM with some more details on what happens when you try to access, what software your phone has, etc, maybe I can look into it for you.


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