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Deleting messages


Is there a way to delete multiple (but not all) IM's at once?  I have a bunch to get rid of (it's even slowing down the loading on cable modem) and it's really tedious one by one.

I tried that delete button up top :o Thanks for the check.

I've tried checking boxes to the right and then clicking delete, but it only gets rid of one at a time.

It wouldn't be the first time I missed something right under my nose, but thought I'd ask. :)

Yes there is old Blind one.  ;D  

Check off the boxes of the messages you want to delete.
There is a delete button right at the bottom of the boxes just before your first message that you can read. It's basically opposite of the other delete button at the top of the boxes. Heres a pic:

Select a couple to try out first to see if it works.
Yes, it does take time for the PM page to load when there are lot's in there.

I just did a few deletions & I had no problem.

Damn, my wife is right (again).  I am old and blind :-[

Thanks Dale.

Not a problem Brent.  ;)  It seems the better half is always right.  ;D


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