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FS: 20 Kenner Baggie Figures + sealed accessories - SOLD


Hi All, I need to raise funds for a trip and since I'm not actively collecting these I've decided to let them go.  Included are 20 figures, sealed in their baggies, plus a Jabba's pipe set and a Hoth accessory set.

See the image below:

I'm asking for $300 for the lot of them, which is only an average of $15 each.  Included are:

[*] Emperor Palpatine
[*] Salacious Crumb
[*] Max Rebo
[*] AT-ST Driver
[*] C-3P0 (Removable Limbs)
[*] Endor Rebel Soldier
[*] Klaatu
[*] Weequay
[*] Admiral Ackbar
[*] 8D8
[*] Han Solo (Endor)
[*] Nikto
[*] Prune Face
[*] AT-AT Commander
[*] Hoth Accessory Pack
[*] Anakin Skywalker
[*] Chief Chirpa
[*] B-Wing Pilot
[*] Han Solo (Hoth)
[*] Nien Numb
[*] General Nadine
[*] Jabba's Pipe and Bowl

My only hope is that they'll go to a collector who wants to keep them in the bags instead of shipping them off to AFA.

Check my feedback here and here.

Thanks for looking![/s]

Bump - make an offer.  They go on eBay this weekend if there aren't any takers here.

Do you insist on selling them as a lot or will you also consider breaking them up? I'm looking for fine replacements of my Emperor, Max Rebo, Nikto, and Gen. Madine, you see. And $15 is fine with me. I live in Holland, but I believe we've dealt before?

I really wanted to get rid of them as a lot... I'm afraid they just sold.  Thanks though.


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