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I am just fine with my thread being moved/locked, but why is talk of the Blu-Ray release relegated to the EU section of the board?  As a casual reader I would never think to look there.

Because 1) that forum is the catch-all for topics about all six movies together (star wars on blu-ray, star wars in 3D, etc) and 2) because that is where folks were already discussing the blu-ray news.

Would you consider changing the sub header from:

--- Quote ---Discuss general EU topics with your fellow fans
--- End quote ---

to something that contains the information in your reply? ("topics about all six movies together ")

It already says this:

--- Quote ---Discuss topics across all six films and the Expanded Universe with fellow fans.
--- End quote ---

Pretty much all encompassing no?

Yeah, it does state that now.  Thanks, admins!   Jayson: I would like to note that it did not say that two hours ago.  Hence the post here.


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