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I was talking to one of my other buddies the other day about the potential for another Trilogy probably being likely.  With the rumors that a live action series isn't probably possible with a TV show budget it made me think that LFL was pondering doing more movies. 

So the logical question to me is, "If they want to keep doing Star Wars, why not do more movies?"

Then the rumors popped up this weekend with IESB all but saying its a done deal.  This has been 100% denied by what do you think?

Jesse James:
I think I'll take LFL's word for it at this point...  Thought when the report was first out I thought, "Eh, maybe that's how they're going to do the TV show now?", but I guess that's not the case.  I figured though, back when LFL first said the budgeting concerns for the live-action show had creeped up, that maybe they'd do them as a movie.

Lucas seems like he'd really be kind of hooked on an idea and not want to let it go, and work to get it done however it needed to be done.  Then I thought about them debuting Clone Wars as a film...  I could see them doing the live-action series the same way.

Like I said though, I'll take LFL's word for it that it's 100% bunk, but I've always sort of wanted to see Star Wars continue on the big screen.  Particular a post-ROTJ film set re-establishing the Jedi Order, showing Han and Leia's relationship beyond the kiss on Endor, and looking at things from the perspective that the galaxy's big, the Emperor's control vast, and that things wouldn't have just been all hunky dory once the Emperor died.  Just not logical.

I'm also content with books covering the time after Endor too though...  I've been kinda bummed on the lack of a TV series explaining the "Dark Times" era though.

I'm kind of in the same camp.  For now, I'll take Lucasfilm's word for it, although we've seen many instances of both Lucasfilm and Hasbro where they'll deny, deny, deny until they are ready to "officially" announce something.

I have to admit, the prospect of more new Star Wars on the big screen is exciting to me.  Personally, although it would never happen I'd guess, I would have liked to see the Thrawn trilogy in movie form.  The actors (Ford/Hamill/Leia/etc.) are all way too old for that now, but it would have been cool.  Aside from that, I'm usually more interested in the OT era as well, whether it be post-ROTJ or the period between ROTS and ANH.  That's not saying they couldn't make cool stuff from other eras too (and I'd see any of it), as I know stuff like KOTOR/etc. has its fanbase as well.

One thing I've been thinking about is that it would be nice to have more "suspense" to SW movies as well.  You think about anything we've gotten since the OT, whether it be the prequels or the current CW series, we always knew the "end game".  Sure, at times it has been a blast getting there, but in the end we always knew what was going to happen to the major players for the most part (one notable exception being Ahsoka now I guess).  I know it would likely take some treading on EU stories wherever the movies would be set, but it would be cool to see something post-ROTJ, even if it only involved some of the major players from the OT making cameos here or there.  I doubt you could get Ford on board, but possibly someone like Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, etc. could play a part.  Heck, they've come a long way with that "de-aging" stuff in movies (like used on Patrick Stewart in X-Men or Jeff Bridges in the upcoming Tron: Legacy) so you never know.

Although I really enjoy the current Clone Wars series, and look forward to the live-action series should it ever start - Star Wars has always seemed like it belong on the big screen to me.

I think Lucas is using a play from Steve Job's playbook. Job's will say something is a completely stupid idea and then six months later annouce that exact thing as "Revolutionary!"

Personally, I would like to see a Star Wars movie that has no relationship to the Skywalker family. A story that is completely different with different characters but in the same universe. A KOTOR movie would be great. We need a reboot much the way Star Trek did. Just make the story new.

I also think LFL needs to start making "other" movies. Their track record beyond Indy and SW is pretty bad.


--- Quote from: Master_Phruby on November  5, 2010, 02:45 PM ---I also think LFL needs to start making "other" movies. Their track record beyond Indy and SW is pretty bad.

--- End quote ---

Their recent track record within those two franchises isn't exactly stellar, either.


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