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FT Vintage Cardbacks GONZOS


These are in very good to OK shape.
Please email me for pics.

12 back
Stormtrooper x2
Death Squad Commander
Sand people

Jawa Fett offer red extended sticker

20 back Death Squad Commander x2

AT-AT Driver 41 back
AT AT Driver Survival kit offer

Luke x-wing 4 LOM offer

Gam Guard 65 back

Squid Head 77 back

Chief Chirpa x2 (65/77)

Royal Guard 65 back

Bib Fortuna Emperor offer

I'm after quite a bit so LMK what you have, this is only a list of a few I'm after:

Star Wars carded with or without offers (would prefer without)

Hammer Head
Snagle tooth
Walrus man

Those are what I'm after most, but please tell me what you might have.

Thanks for looking


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