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Bounty Hunters Silk-screen prints by Mondo

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--- Quote from: EpicGon on August 18, 2011, 06:18 PM ---As if they actually have shot inside The Executor. All guns smoking.

--- End quote ---

Actually, George cut out the scene of the Bounty Hunters at the Imperial Shooting Gallery on the Executor. Vader was busy communing with the Emperor, so Veers brought them there to relax, socialize and kick back a few before meeting with the Dark Lord. After way too many drinks, Bossk forced Veers into being a moving target for the guys to show off their skills. You can guess who showed the rest up: Fett by disintegration (Veers taunted Boba with some remark about his father losing his head). Veers happened to be Vader's favorite guy in the Empire: bright, articulate, and got the job done. He was always good at giving Vader a chuckle or two. Darth was so upset he berated Fett in front of the others (hence the "No disintigrations" remark on the bridge).

Scenes of Veers' fates (the kamikaze Snowspeeder into the AT-AT and the Shooting Gallery) were cut much like that of Shaak Ti's fate in Sith (Grievous and Anakin). We know how George loves to mirror the Trilogy.

So 'all guns smoking' really fits.  ;) ;D


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