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That all looks fantastic! And kudos to you for doing the dirty work with the inventory spreadsheets. Despite the sheer number of figures, you have made it look "clean" in the room. Congrats on the collection, and the displays.

My 12 inch figures are also in the attic. I have a feeling that 30 years from now, most everyone's hasbro 12 inch figures will still be in pristine condition. We've all run out of room!

You know, I never showed the video game consoles setup. The systems are plugged in and working. The x-arcade is attached to the computer for MAME emulation.

From left to right: Nintendo 64, Panasonic 3DO, Colecovision (with AV mod), Sega CDX, XBox 360, stereo, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 2, Atari 7800 (with AV mod & harmony SD cart), Atari Jaguar, Nintendo Gamecube, Atari 5200 (with AV mod and Ultra SD card). My 2600, O2 and Sega Genesis are up in the attic.

New pictures in this gallery.


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