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New JD Review: 2012 Naboo Pilot & Ric Olie


Jesse James:
Been a while again but I did another review...  this time I did one on the new Naboo Pilot & Ric Olie figures, courtesy of!

Clicky to read the review!

I have to say, I liked both pilots, a lot, and had few real complaints...  The usual suspects of a lack of paint aps (mostly just on detail stuff, the paintjob's not even really bad at all) and the eventual regular retail price will probably be the main factors against the figures. 

Ultimately they're articulated heavily, and are vastly superior to the original Ric Olie figure.  They actually made him fairly interesting.  :-X  And the head variant is just icing on the cake.  Hasbro trying to get their collectors to double-up on Naboo Fighter purchases in 2012? ;)  The base figure would be a nice way to maybe get the black Pilot out, and the woman would be nice too though I think she may require a new torso ultimately.

The helmet paintjobs are particularly slick.  Make sure you check that out. 

As always, apologies for photography.  I did that myself, and do the best I can with what I have.  :-[

Enjoy and share your thoughts please!


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