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I have not really been watching but caught the premier of season 4 and would like a Tansom figure.

The Clone Wars (Animated)

1.  Admiral Trench
2.  Tera Sinube
3.  Anakin Skywalker (Scuba Gear)
4.  Captain Ackbar
5.  Mandalorian Royal Guard
6.  Clone Trooper Heavy (Phase I Armor)
7.  Palpatine (Supreme Chancellor)
8.  Wilhuff Tarkin (Captain)
9.  Osi Sobeck (Commander)
10. Lok Durd (General)

With yesterday's announcement of new Clone Wars episodes, Hasbro's Steve Evans is asking fans which Clone Wars characters they'd like to see made into 6" or 3.75" figures.

Jump on over to his Instagram page or share your wants here!

I think my top three (3.75" please) would be:
1. Bo Katan
2. Sugi
3. Dutchess Satine

1. Bo Katan
2. Aayla Secura
3. Clone Armor Kenobi
4. Asajj Ventress


Can this day get any better?

We need 3.75" completion so badly I'm not even going to think about other scales.

I will start with four that I know for a fact they already had in some stage of pre-production:

1) Rako Hardeen
2) Pong Krell
3) Super Tactical Droid Kraken
4) Ziro the Hutt

Next up I strongly second Jeff's list.

And to round out the most wanted, my top 5 also-rans:

1) Latts Razzi
2) Admiral Trench
3) Generic Umbaran Warriors
4) Generic Nightsisters
5) Father/Son/Daughter 3-pack

If I got all of those I would be beyond thrilled.  :D


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