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Darth Malgus - an Old Republic Vader?

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I'm looking at the Darth Malgus figure and he looks alot like Darth Vader minus the upper helmet. If Darth Malgus has the same body damage as Vader, why does General Grevious have to live in a robot suit? General Grevious was suppost to be a prototype Vader. Now we see a thousand years before, the Old Republic had the technology to make a more Vader-like life support system.  It seems to me that Grevious should have looked more like Vader with multiple arms. Why did Grevious get the shaft on technology? Did Grevious have a HMO?

He certainly looks that way.  This is the Darth Malgus maquette that was standing at the LucasArts booth at NYCC:

In the SWTOR cinematic trailers you see some of the backstory in Malgus's injuries.  In the "HOPE" trailer he sustained the injuries that led to the breath mask.  From looking at the maquette, it seems like everything else is armor.

I said something similar in the SWTOR thread and Jesse said his look was purposely made to look like Vader for recognition factor. 

The only Lame EU part of the Plaguies book is that due to an assassination attempt...he too wears a breathing mask/respirator

Jesse James:
Yeah, if you look at TOR outside of a fan's perspective, it's basically a ton of "Hey!  That looks like ____." moments.  Troopers look like Clones/Stormtroopers only maybe "older" to some degree.  Less evolved.  Malgus looks a like like Malak, Vader, or countless other cyborg villains.  She Vizla looks like not just Boba Fett, but Boba with long red hair and *******.  It's a two-fer there since you cover the "That looks like Mara Jade" crowd, plus you cover the, "That looks like Jango/Boba Fett" crowd.

Ships look like Correllian Corvettes, or Sith Infiltrators, or crude Rebel fighters...  Sounds are similar...

The game's really designed to appeal to the casual Star Wars fan, while still setting it in a way that you can have tons of Jedi/Sith and it still makes sense.  KOTOR wasn't really all that different either.  The droids look like less evolved versions of R2 or 3PO, there's battledroids that look like bulkier and earlier versions of those in the PT. 

It's a fun game though.

There's definitely been a move towards keeping the feel of the game familiar to OT and PT fans.  Jesse mentioned the Republic Troops.  The armor is definitely reminiscent of the Saga, and even the faces of the troopers themselves look similar to the Prequel Clones.  And in an attempt to appeal to some SW gaming fans I've seen plenty of Sith in the trailers who are wearing masks that would remind you of Darth Revan.


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