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Darth Malgus - an Old Republic Vader?

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Jesse James:
What makes it ok to me, ultimately, is that I see SW as a galaxy where technology really has hit a point where there aren't many huge leaps forward...  There are some, but blasters basically work the same as always, speeders work the same, space ships, etc.  There are some advancements, but they're small and largely come about with larger military conflicts (Clone Wars, Civil War, etc.)

So you can see the TOR characters and stuff look older but distinctly familiar...  It works well enough to me, as a fan.  Enough that at least none of it bothers me, even though things really are clearly meant to be tied to the popular stuff.

And TOR really REALLY is fun.  I haven't played in a couple of weeks because of life getting in the way but I do plan to get back to it.

Whenever I see Darth Malgus, I can't help but see his mouthpiece being made from a repurposed protective cup in the long ILM tradition of using existing earth objects in new ways, eg. 2-1B's microphone mouth, the camera flash rod light saber hilts, etc.  Seriously how many kids has this character caused to run around with a jock stap on their head breathing in their older brother's junk funk?


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