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Teekay-421 Magazine Cover


Earlier this year, I had the incredible opportunity to create a back cover, a Neimoidian back cover, for the 60th issue of Teekay-421's magazine. I spent about 150+ hours of work on it and all of its components. I made each group of Neimoidians separately, then combined them into the final image with the background and name tags for each. About 98% of the project was made in SAI Paint Tool; only the border of the background was Photoshopped.

Please enjoy! I will likely be posting some of my other artwork in the future!

Individual groups (links to my deviantART, for the sake of space)

Sib Canay + Aide:
Lott Dod + Mik Regrap:
Lushros + Daultay Dofine:
Lok Durd:
Rute Gunnay:
Nute Gunray/Rune Haako:
Mar Tuuk + Tey How:
The background:
The nametags:

Me with the hard copy  : 8D

That's awesome work!  Welcome to the club!

Jesse James:
That is really nice artwork!  Kudos.

Thanks very much, both of you!


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