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Disney Buys LFL

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And Episode 7 is coming in 2015

This feels like April Fools... but it's October 30th. I is confused.  ???

Lucas must have terminal cancer to give up his control of his projects.

Is this some sort of elaborate prank? 

I think I just heard the internet break.

Epsiode 7?!?!?   

Maybe that's why Hasbro had to extend the license to 2020 recently?  :-X

This has to mean a SW-themed area at one of the parks now, right? 

And slowly but surely Disney XD will become the new home for Star Wars animation.

Holy ****.  If this isn't some elaborate prank, it's nuts I tell you...  NUTS.

I've been saying for years that there's too much money involved to not make more SW movies... I didn't actually think it would happen though.

This is insane.

Maybe collecting will become cool again....


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