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Disney Buys LFL

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Glad to hear that they might slow from the yearly release schedule soon. I'm not sure the brand, or more accurately, the licensees, can handle half their stock going to clearance every year.

Licensed merchandise does seem to go hand in hand with Star Wars, doesn't it?  Gary Kurtz said as much way back when.  And George was very forward thinking when he made sure that he had all of the merchandising rights.  He must have made more money on that than the box office returns.

Absolutely.  This article from about a year ago has some interesting numbers to compare against:

$4.5b - Star Wars movie ticket sales
$6.6b - Star Wars home movies & games
$32b - Star Wars merchandising

Kathleen Kennedy on Carrie Fisher’s Death and the Future of Star Wars

"But what exactly is the story we feel is important to tell beyond Episode IX—I think we have to answer that before we know whether we’re going to carry on." - KK


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