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6" Black Series Wave 1 (2013 Wave 1)

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Wave 1, due in late July (maybe even as soon as SDCC) or August.

- X-Wing Pilot Gear Luke Skywalker
- R2-D2
- Darth Maul
- Imperial Sandtrooper

Hmmm.  I've got to wonder how they'll offer Darth Maul.  Will it be a traditional TPM version?  Or could we be looking at a Clone Wars rendition of Maul?  The recent events on CLONE WARS would make a CW version rather topical.

No Vader in the first wave? That's gotta be a first for Hasbro

Yeah, I think it's a bizarre 1st wave offering. 3x ANH figures (R2 could be a PT version, I suppose with booster rockets) and 1x Maul.  I would have gone with Tatooine Luke before X-Wing Luke and Vader before Maul, Stormtrooper before Sandtrooper... but we'll see.  I'm anxious to see how these turn out.

All three OT figures will be easily modded for easy customs.  I'm down for at least 3 of each. Maul is the only one that won't yield parts to be able to reused for different future figures. 


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