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2013 SDCC Exclusive 6" Fett w/Carbonite Block

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We've got a trusty source that says Hasbro is looking to kick off the 6" line in a big way at SDCC this summer... 

(here's where I insert the standard "always in motion, the future is" disclaimer - you guys have all seen how much the plans have changed since last August/Celebration 6)

If it happens, it's going to be a very, VERY popular 6" figure... or should I say figure set?   :-X


Single Figure? Boba Fett

Set? Luke, Vader, Palpatine ROTJ 30th Anniversary set

This would be a good place to do an early bird set- Luke Leia Chewie and R2. Sure R2 will be in the regular fall release assortment, but since when are they against making people buy things more than once?

My guess, Han / Chewie or Jango / Boba

I was going with Willrow Hood/Ben Quadrinaros.  Get 'em both done with right off the bat.


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