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2013 SDCC Exclusive 6" Fett w/Carbonite Block

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Finally saw some of the new TBS figs at target, mostly the 3.75" figs but they had ONE 6" R2 on the shelf, after reading the reviews for several figs, they only ones I'd get are of course Boba Fett, but I dig the Sandtrooper - why they made that one vs the clean Stormtrooper first I don't know. But those are the only two I'd pay $20 for until they put out a Vader and clean Stormtrooper.
But it was cool to finally see something NEW on the shelves after such a long time.

Man, this set arrived today from China, of all places. It's freaking awesome. The packaging is so nice in fact I am very tempted to leave this as is and just pick up the single boxed figure to display. The Block is pretty rad, and Boba came out really well too. The only thing I think could have been improved were the wookie scalps. Seems like it was hard to render those in any sort of detail.

It's a beautifully done set, just sucks about the price, hassle, etc of tracking one down.

Looks like BBTS picked up some overseas stock and has this set up for preorder - just $79.99 plus shipping.  Limit 2 per person while supplies last.

That's a good deal, I hope I can get a Jabba that cheap one day.


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