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In related news...

What's the first stand alone STAR WARS film to be made?

It looks like it could be a Yoda story.  Given the fact that Yoda was 900 years old, there seems to be plenty of ground that could be covered in exploring the diminutive Jedi Master.

Maybe I'm in the inority here, but I really don't want stand alone movies that tell a characters background.  I fee we're walking in to a bit of trap with this one (wheres Ackbar when you need him?) 

Hollywood seems to be in this preqel kick, and I don't know where or why everyone is hangng thier hats onbackstories,but somewhere someone is going to figure out that it takes away from the suspense of the movie.  If we get any stand alones, I want it wth figures aht are developing the story, not retelling it.

I think you'll see all the hype for EP VII becasue we al wantto know whats going to happen AFTER ROTJ not before it.

I think this is why we all go to see SW prequels and LOTR prequels, bu come out wiht a half empt feeling... nomatter HOW god the films actuall are.

Suspese, anticipation, shock, wonder...all this, while not entirely being taenaway, is somewhat diminished, so you're setting the bar for the fans a little lower right from the start.

New stuff new stories, lets move frward not backwards.

I am not against stand alone movies. I am quite for them actually. But if the recent arc on the CW showed us anything, there is a TON of excitement in SW where we don't know the endgame for the characters involved. Other than Palpatine, we didn't know what was to become of Maul, Savage, Vizla, etc. It was downright exciting. No matter how creative or well written the story is for a Yoda movie, we know he is going to live. I guess that is probably true in most movies though.

Jesse James:
I'd be into stand-alones...  People talked initially when the Disney buy-out came about that they might do these like the Avengers and do individual character's stories...  So a Yoda story?  I'm open to it.  I'd love a Jango or Boba Fett story that hashed them out as dramatically more complex characters than they were in the PT and OT...  Flawed heroes of sorts.  I'd be into that, because I like that aspect to both of them that the EU's played up a little.  Especially Jango's which I'm more familiar with thanks to his awesome game taht kind of led up to AOTC.

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