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Jesse James:
Now I want a brown coat Han, two head variations (hood up, and down), made to ride the Taun-Taun.  No Blue Coat BS.


--- Quote from: Jeff on October 13, 2014, 05:09 PM ---I admit - 2015 is shaping up to be a good basic carded Han year with a single carded Black Series 3.75" ESB "Pre-Freeze" Han Solo and Carbonite Block set and a single carded Saga Legends 3.75" Bespin Han Solo.  And there's even a bonus Mission Series 3.75" Hoth Han Solo as well.
--- End quote ---

And now there's a new single carded Saga Legends 3.75" Endor Han coming in 2015 too? 

I knew you loved me, Hasbro.

2015 - the year of 3.75" Han figures!  :)


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