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Keeping The Clone Wars Line Going


I was thinking the other day about the tremendous amount of unrealized potential the CW line still has, and like a lot of us at the end of the vintage Kenner line, there are a ton of figures that are 'must-haves' that will never see. One thing that strikes me as odd is Hasbro's complete abandonment of the line. The show is still running, now in syndication; it still draws enough viewers to make it viable for CN or Disney to continue with it, so why no support for it at all? As the original Batman animated series was winding down, Kenner kept that line going for years through exclusive gift sets, primarily at TRU, that milked repaints and retools but still provided enough newness to appeal to collectors. A lot of fan favorites - Alfred, Talia - appeared this way.

Hasbro could do the same. The CW line already is heavily dependent on recycling molds and parts. Continuing the line as exclusive battle packs at say TRU - who routinely carries these types of items for Hasbro anyhow - would be a surefire way to generate sales and keep interest by producing sets of four or five figures or so that were primarliy repaints/retools with the exception of a newly sculpted character, limited in POA. It's also a way to get some very hard to find figures back out there. What do you guys think? TRU has been carrying four and five packs as exclusives (Ewoks, Pilots) recently, so that's the model I follow below.

Here are some quick hits that seem natural to me:

Lair of Grievous:

Clone Commander Fil
Clone Trooper Bel
Clone Trooper Niner
Nahdar Vebb
Kit Fisto


Obi-Wan (Cold Gear)
Anakin (Cold Gear)
Talz Warrior
Clone Trooper (Cold Gear)

Republic Pilots:

Clone Pilot Broadside (Phase I Armor)
Clone Pilot Mack (Phase I Armor)
Clone Pilot Hawk (Phase I Armor)
Clone Stealth Pilot
Clone Pilot Rod (Gojiís Turret Gunner) (Phase I Armor)

Jedi Warriors:

Anakin Skywalker
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Mace Windu
Tera Sinube

Bounty Hunters

Cad Bane
Aurra Sing (New Bounty Hunter Gear/Outfit)

The Mandalore Plot:

Mandalorian Trooper 2x
Obi Wan Kenobi
Duchess Satine

Lethal Trackdown:
Auura Sing
Boba Fett (Poncho)
Speeder Bike

There are LOTS more that I'll play around with later but this is what I came up off the top of my head.

I would buy them.

Yeah, no brainer for me. My take is that A) there are a lot of existing easy repaint possibilities out there, and B) it doesn't cost any more to produce a figure in animated style than it does realistic. A machine press doesn't know the difference.

My hope is that once there is some kind of clarity on Season Six this might help pave the way for some kind of future product. Ideally this is something Disney could pick up on because they do have a lot of merchandising support for their animated programming.

It's a long shot, I's all probably over, but I agree there is plenty left for them to milk if they felt like making money off it.


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