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Jesse James:
If I have a new system and this has a SP story too ill buy it but SP is key to me...  COD has SP campaigns and I'm looking for at least that level of quality.  Something great like a HALO SP campaign would be incredible but not counting on it. :(

Angry Ewok:
So I got tired of DICE shenanighans and cancelled my PS4 preorder. I am sure the production values will be completely epic for Battlefront III... but the new model in FPS consoling makes me sick. Pay $60 for a half baked singleplayer with awful 'on the rails' corridor shooting at awful AI... pay a Premium fee for the multiplayer experience, say another $50... now you can pay $30 a month for your own server, or get used to being booted from someone elses server because you killed the admin. P.S. there's an exclusive skinpack here or there that will set you back $5. And a soda promotion with, say, twelve codes... that's $1.75 x 12 plus tax.

I'm done with the console experience. For $1,200, I got a decent gaming rig and practically all of my ganes I have aquired for pennies through bundles and sales on Steam. And I don't have to tolerate nearly as many foul mouthed children in lobbies.

Sounds like we might get our first real look at Battlefront Monday afternoon:

--- Quote ---Electronic Arts' E3 press conference will take place this Monday at 12:00pm Pacific on Twitch and Spike TV. Packed day that's going to be -- there's also showings from Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony.

Confirmed games for the event include Battlefield Hardline, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Sims 4, FIFA 15, Madden NFL 15, EA Sports UFC, NHL 15, and "behind-the-scenes" looks at what DICE (Star Wars Battlefront), BioWare (Mass Effect 4), Criterion (?), and Waystone Games (??) have been up to lately. I'd hope and expect to hear a lot more about Mirror's Edge, too.
--- End quote ---

Official Trailer on YouTube

Not much in terms of actual game footage but I assume we'll see more this time next year.


--- Quote from: Diddly on June 11, 2014, 05:44 AM ---Official Trailer on YouTube

Not much in terms of actual game footage but I assume we'll see more this time next year.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for posting this link - I hadn't seen this yet.

Is it safe to assume that the Endor Rebel jumping on the speeder bike at the end was game play footage? Cause if so, that looked great!

I really enjoyed the other console two entries in this series (and even the PSP entries for what they were) - so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be epic.


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